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About the Author

Vasavi Koka is an Art Educator, a trainee Therapeutic Play Practitioner and a Therapeutic Story writer. She writes for children of all ages. After studying her BA in Art with English Literature and her Masters in Art, Design and Visual Culture she went on to complete her Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Art Education at The University of Cambridge. Vasavi has since embarked on a successful teaching career and during this time has discovered the importance of play, both in terms of learning and discovery and also as a medium for children to explore difficult feelings, thoughts and emotions. This inspired her to commence a Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, the first part of a qualification in Play and Creative Arts therapy, in addition to her continuing teaching career. It was during her training that she discovered the magic of therapeutic stories. She believes, through the power of metaphor and story, children can detach safely from an experience allowing them the space to regulate their behaviour and achieve perspective and balance. She is a firm advocate of the healing nature of these stories and their ability to empower young people to find their own way to heal trauma. ‘Kokan and Zoya’ is the first story in her series: Vasavi’s Therapeutic Stories and Play.

My therapeutic Philosophy (an explanation of the logo)


Vasavi’s Therapeutic Stories and Play comprises a unique philosophy which is encapsulated within the bespoke symbol. I wanted to use relatable and comforting symbols, germane to my ethos. Iyla, my daughter’s name, means moonlight so my love of its symbolism is an integral part of my storytelling.  Its strong yet iridescent presence illuminates wisdom and solace. The powerful and sturdy tree reminds me of my favourite yoga pose: the tree. It represents balance, rooted to the earth; firm and grounded. The tree has been carefully juxtaposed with the moon, subtly reflected in the translucent clear waters. Combined, the symbols remind us of the power of nature. As Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


Through my stories, I hope to present different therapeutic narratives which will help children gently explore their relationship with different emotions: including more complex emotions such as sadness and anger.


In addition to the stories, each book in my series contains playful activities designed to help children engage in play to help them process their experiences, thus seeking a greater understanding of the world in which they live.

Vasavi's Books

Click on the "The Museum of Memories Banner to download Vasavi's latest short story about loss, resilience, and the importance of preservation, or go to her blog to scroll and read through.

Deep past the fast moving white clouds, floats an angry cloud named Kokan. Kokan is a wild, dark cloud who rages through the sky casting a shadow everywhere he goes. He has a strong and uncomfortable presence.

‘Kokan and Zoya’, is a therapeutic story designed to help young children process and understand the complex nature of anger. The book is designed to help children aged between

7-10 and also contains a selection of creative arts and therapeutic play inspired activities which will help children explore their emotions, manage their anger and alleviate their stress in a fun and playful way.It is the first story and activity pack, by Vasavi’s Therapeutic Stories & Play.

By buying a copy of “Kokan and Zoya”, you will also be making a donation to a noble and amazing charity; Young Minds is always in need of additional support. ú1 (or its equivalent in another currency) from the sale of each book will go towards helping support the Young Minds Charity, via Work for Good, between December 2021 - December 2022. 

My Books
Book Reviews

"Kokan and Zoya is a beautifully written, gentle story that offers a wonderful opportunity to explore anger and how to manage it safely. The metaphors and accompanying activities provide a beautiful way to support children to explore their own relationship with anger.” 

Sophie Marsh, Sophie’s Stories

"Kokan and Zoya is a powerful children's story which teaches young readers to have an appreciation of how to process emotions, particularly the often complex feeling of anger. I really love the therapeutic ideology that is the backbone to this narrative and the self-help and exploratory activities at the back of the book are accessible and fun. Importantly, they draw children's attention to the calming process of artistry and spotlight how to express thoughts and feelings in creative yet highly achievable ways. I will certainly be buying this for my own daughter who is seven years old."

 Emma Wells, Educator, poet and novelist

The Children’s Book Review Interview in partnership with Vasavi Koka, author of Kokan and Zoya
Click on Sophie Marsh's blogsite "Sophie's Stories" to read her take on Vasavi's new short story
" The Museum of Memories"
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